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Affinity HR Group is pleased to offer the following services at discounted prices to NAWLA members. Contact us any time to discuss your HR concerns. 1-877-660-6400. All initial consultations are free of charge for NAWLA members.

HR COMPLIANCE (Policies & Procedures)

Every organization, regardless of size or number of employees, should have basic human resource policies and procedures in place to ensure legal compliance and serve as a resource for employees and their supervisors. Affinity HR group develops tools customized to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Our Compliance (HR Policies and Procedures) services include:

General HR Support

from $150 NAWLA / $185 Non-NAWLA (per hour or fraction thereof)

Affinity HR Group professionals are available to assist with employee challenges such as:

  • Practical guidance on day-to-day employment issues to help you understand the options, assess the risks and make the decisions that are right for your business
  • Managing time, attendance, personal appearance and other essential workplace policies
  • Calculating pay, overtime, what constitutes hours worked and other common issues when paying employees, including application of the new overtime rules set forth by the U.S. Department of Labor.
  • Administering leave, time off benefits, and FMLA and complying with state leave requirements
  • Administering progressive disciplinary policies, including disciplinary warnings, terminations and ongoing documentation
  • Employee relations and workplace collaboration
  • Best practices when responding to unemployment claims and employment verifications.
Monthly Retainer Option
OptionMonthly Retainer AmountNumber of Hours
Option 1  $725  5 Hours / Month
Option 2  $1,400  10 Hours / Month
Option 3  $2,700  20 Hours / Month
Option 4  Custom Designed Retainer

Employee Handbooks

  • Custom tailoring for each company’s policies and practices
  • Compliance with all applicable federal and state legislation
  • Conformance to current generally accepted practices and trends
Handbook Pricing

Employee Size

NAWLA Member Price*

Non-NAWLA Member Price*

1 - 14



15 - 19



20 - 49

$1,399.00 $1,499.00





*Prices reflect “starting at” amounts. Actual price will vary depending on such factors as multi-state location, pre-existing handbook, regulatory or compliance issues, resident state of company, etc.

HR Compliance Audit

In Person Audit from $3,500 NAWLA / $4,000 Non-NAWLA

  • Thorough review of general HR Administration
  • Confirmation of departmental and administrative compliance with federal and state legislation
  • In-depth review of policies, procedures, compensation, benefits, hiring, and other HR functions
  • Development of action plan for addressing areas in need of compliance


At Affinity HR Group, we offer low-cost, flat-rate recruiting services that will get you the right talent for your organization, guaranteed. With a best-in-class process and a more than 90% success rate, we're here to help with all or any particular part of your recruiting effort.

Our Recruiting and Placement services include:

Comprehensive Recruiting Package

$6,700 NAWLA / $7,900 Non-NAWLA

(Price excludes fee for assessments, background checks and specialty job boards) 

The Comprehensive Recruiting Package provides complete management of the entire recruitment process, including

  • Job posting development
  • Active recruiting and candidate sourcing
  • Resume evaluation and candidate screening
  • Style Assessments (TriMetrix HDProfile) on top candidates
  • Presentation of final candidates
  • Client coaching & interview preparation
  • Client interview debrief
  • Reference checks

Job Posting/Active Sourcing 

$3,900 NAWLA / $4,500 Non-NAWLA 

  • Develop job posting
  • Identify best posting sites and advertising locations
  • Post job to relevant job boards, social media, and advertising locations
  • Manage and maintain all postings and advertising
  • Source candidates from job board databases and passive candidates who may not be actively looking for a new role
  • Actively source candidates from job board databases
  • Compile and maintain database of resumes
  • Deliver candidate resumes

Headhunting/Active Sourcing

$2,500 NAWLA / $3,000 Non-NAWLA

  • Source candidates from job board databases and passive candidates who may not be actively looking for a new role
  • Compile and maintain database of interested candidates
  • Deliver candidate resumes

Job Posting Development

$275 NAWLA / $325 Non-NAWLA

  • Develop job posting
  • Identify best posting sites and advertising locations

Client Coaching & Interview Prep

$400 NAWLA / $500 Non-NAWLA

  • Conduct coaching session on best interview practices and tips for success
  • Provide sample behavioral interview questions
  • Provide sample prohibited questions

Candidate Screening

$2,500 NAWLA / $3,000 Non-NAWLA 

(Costs excludes Style Assessment Expense)

  • Review all submitted resumes against job description
  • Conduct preliminary phone interviews
  • Conduct in-depth behavioral interviews with top candidates
  • Forward top 3-5 candidates with interview summaries
  • Conduct Style Assessment (TriMetrix HD) for top candidates

Reference Checks

$275 NAWLA / $300 Non-NAWLA 

(Costs are per candidate) 

  • Conduct minimum of 2 reference checks
  • Supply written summary for each reference

Job Benchmarking

$2,750 NAWLA / $3,500 Non-NAWLA

For key positions and repeat hire positions, job benchmarking takes much of the guesswork out of finding the right “fit.” The process provides an in-depth look at what is truly required for the position and ensures a high degree of success when hiring. Included in the benchmarking process is the:

  • Identification of key expectations and accountabilities of position
  • Ranking and weighting of key accountabilities
  • Scoring of key accountabilities using benchmarking assessment tool (TTI) to capture the knowledge, intrinsic motivators, personal attributes, behaviors and hard skills required for the position
  • Development of an ideal candidate profile and assessment tool to compare the candidate(s) to the requirements of the position


The current economic climate presents many challenges for small businesses. It’s more important than ever to keep your best employees and recruit the best new hires by spending your compensation dollars wisely and effectively. We can provide help and assistance for all your compensation-related needs.

Our Compensation services include:

Market Pricing/Starting Salary for Individual Positions

From $495 NAWLA / $625 Non-NAWLA

  • Benchmarking research of salary and wage differentials for key executive, exempt and non-exempt positions using a variety of published local and national surveys
  • Customized report provides market data and tailored recommendations for starting salaries, salary increases and/or adjustments that are both externally competitive and internally equitable
Annual Market Assessment

Pricing Varies By Company Size and Location(s)

  • Annual salary planning to help manage and plan upcoming compensation budgets and spend compensation dollars more effectively
  • External market review to assist in projecting salary increases for the upcoming year
  • Recommendations to ensure competitiveness

Base Pay Structure Audit

Pricing Varies By Company Size and Location(s)

  • Evaluation of current pay structure and compensation policies
  • Review of organizational compensation goals and philosophy
  • Identification of changes and/or enhancements
  • Development of strategies to make pay structures successful and cost-effective

Bonus/Incentive Plan Audit

Pricing Varies By Company Size and Location(s)

  • Evaluation of existing bonus/incentive and compensation policies
  • Review of organizational business goals and financial standing
  • Identification of changes and/or enhancements
  • Development of recommendations to ensure ongoing competitiveness and effectiveness

Base Pay Plan Design

Pricing Varies By Company Size and Location(s)

  • Evaluation of organizational needs and administrative capabilities
  • Review of current pay practices
  • Development of salary structures and promotional career paths
  • Development of policies and procedures to support ongoing administration of plan

Bonus/Incentive Plan Design

Pricing Varies By Company Size and Location(s)

  • Review of organizational goals and objectives
  • Evaluation of current and future incentive/bonus alternatives
  • Development of cost-effective plans to accomplish incentive goals at individual, team and organizational levels


Affinity HR Group’s professional learning facilitators and coaches can help your business become more effective by building on the strengths of your organization and your employees. We provide a variety of services that focus both on the organization and on individual employees.

Our Organization Development services include: 

Strategic Business Planning

Pricing Varies by Project and Company Size

  • Core Values, Mission, Vision Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Process Improvement
  • SWOT analysis and team problem solving initiatives
  • Leadership coaching and development

Employee Engagement

Pricing Varies By Project and Company Size

  • Explore employee attitudes via focus groups or survey
  • Identification of areas of organizational strength, gaps and weakness
  • Development of recommended engagement strategies and improvement tactics

Performance Management

Pricing Varies By Project and Size

  • Identification of organizational performance goals and cultural norms
  • Review existing performance evaluation tools, policies and processes
  • Develop tailored employee evaluation tool
  • Recommendations for ongoing employee performance evaluation process and procedures

Onsite Workshops

Pricing Varies by Length

Workshop Topics
Improving Communications Effective Communications & Social Media Train-the-Trainer
Team Development Change Management Providing Effective Feedback
Selling Solutions Excellence in Customer Service Juggling Priorities - Time Management
Leadership Development Emotional Intelligence Presentation Skills
Achieving Win-Win Solutions Stress Management Discrimination/ Harassment Training

Our Employee Development services include: 

New Employee On-boarding and Orientation

Pricing Varies By Project and Company Size

  • Review of current on-boarding and new-hire orientation practices
  • Identification of areas of strength, gaps and weakness
  • Recommendations for enhanced on-boarding and orientation processes

DISC Behavioral Style Assessment

$165NAWLA / $185 Non-NAWLA 

  • Review of personal style assessment results
  • Discussion of key strengths and weaknesses
  • Understanding similarities/differences in other styles
  • Coaching and communication tips for ongoing enhanced awareness
  • Download a Sample (PDF)

* Myers-Briggs Type Indicator style assessment also available

TriMetrix HD Behavioral Style Assessment

$250 NAWLA / $310 Non-NAWLA 

  • Review of behavioral preferences based on completed profile
  • Review of personal motivators
  • Analysis of skills inventory
  • External and internal clarity and values acumen
  • Coaching tips for development and enhanced awareness
  • Download a Sample (PDF)

 Emotional Intelligence Inventory Assessment

$100 NAWLA / $150 Non-NAWLA

  • Review of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) assessment results
  • Discussion of key strengths and weaknesses
  • Identification of development goals and objectives
  • Coaching tips for individual development and enhancement
  • Download a Sample (PDF)

Sales Success Index Assessment

$150 NAWLA / $190 Non-NAWLA

  • Analysis of sales skills relating to 7 core sales competencies
  • Review of Sales Success Index (SSI) assessment results
  • Identification of key sales strengths and weaknesses
  • Coaching tips for professional development in sales field
  • Download a Sample (PDF)